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The beginning

The dawn of the initiative

This project has its roots in the streets, where the youth protested for an ambitious climate policy. A group of students and young people from all regions of Belgium had the idea to take one step further. All members strive to propose a concrete solution to address climate related challenges. The project grows and the team expands. Right now, the movement is composed of more than 50 European citizens coming from 10 countries.

Get involved

As a citizen :

    • Sign our initiative: you’re on the right place here, just click on the link and follow the instructions, it only takes 2 minutes.
    • Spread the word: tell your family, friends, colleagues about this initiative and invite them to sign too (and spread the word on their turn)
  • Join a national team: ‘The project is organised in national teams that collaborate closely. We are very happy to welcome enthousiastic citizens in our teams. You can determine yourself how you want to be involved and how much time you wish to devote to the project.

As a partner :

  • Join our large coalition and become an official supporter of the European EcoScore.

  • Invite your network to sign the initiative.

As a sponsor :

  • Provide us with material or financial means to achieve specific targets (e.g., costs for promotion on social media, organization of events).

Our team in Europe

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Want to join us ?