Problem & solution

Enabling consumers to make informed choices, fostering sustainable consumption.


We believe that citizens are very important actors in the transition towards a sustainable way of living. Consumption is a powerful tool to make a change.

Most people are aware of the climate challenges. An increasing number of them want to act. One way to do so is to consume more sustainably. However, when in the supermarket, with limited time and little expertise, it is impossible to assess the concrete environmental impact of the products. It is this feeling of powerlessness that motivated us to come up with a solution. The European EcoScore is a tool that enables consumers to buy in a sustainable way.

A European EcoScore helps to encourage professionals to reduce their environmental impact while highlighting products that are already environmentally friendly. In addition, it contributes to increase awareness amongst the consumers about the environmental impact of the products they buy.
Thanks to the European EcoScore, consumers can rely on a single clear, uniform and transparent indication. It can help to avoid greenwashing by taking into account all the main criteria of the product throughout its life cycle.
In order for the EcoScore to be fully effective, a European approach is a must. Indeed, consumers can only make a meaningful comparison between products if the EcoScore is calculated the same way for similar products. Currently, private actors are developing their own calculation methods. Given the proliferation of labels, it is essential that the European Union develops a mandatory EcoScore, based on transparent calculation methods.

Small changes can make the difference. Time for a European EcoScore!