Climate change is a threat that we must address now.

The European EcoScore will contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable consumption !


European Ecoscore is a ECI but what is it exactly ?

    A clear, uniform and transparent indication of the environmental impact of products at the European level.
But concretely, what?
    A range of letters and colors, from ‘A’ (green) to ‘F’ (red), with ‘A’ being the lowest negative impact on the environment, and ‘F’ the highest.
Why a European EcoScore?
    • To ensure the right of consumers to know the environmental impact of the products they buy
    • To avoid greenwashing or confusing labels
    • To encourage professionals to reduce their products’ environmental impact
    • To favour products which have a lower negative impact on the environment (because they are local/seasonal, they respect the biodiversity, they have limited  packaging, …).
How to contribute?
    Sign now this European citizens initiative and spread the word! By doing so, you become the pioneer of a new potential European law.
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Let us introduce ourselves... in music !

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Pillars of our Initiative

We want a clear, uniform and transparent indication of the environmental impact of products to empower consumers and help them choose the most sustainable products..


The score must be comprehensive and accessible for everyone, the clarity is the key !


A single, unified method for all products sold and produced within the whole territory of the EU.


Consumers and producers can easily consult the calculation behind the score, the parameters and their wheight to understand the rating of each product.

Join the movement ! 1 million signatures needed to be heard by the European Commission.


Signatures gathered

The number of signatures we received so far for the European Ecoscore Initiative.

Want to support our cause ?

Help our cause by donating as much as you want, 1€ helps us reaching 5 extra people ! Or send us a bank transfer to BE04 0019 1024 3531 Thank you !